Interview with Jacques Pépin

Jacques Pépin and David Lapham

David sits down for an engaging and insightful conversation with one of the world’s most famous and beloved chefs. And takes questions from viewers from Twitter and Facebook.

Good Morning San Francisco

Good Morning San Francisco

Marisol de la Cruz, host of a Good Morning San Francisco pilot, invites David to prepare a delicious, seasonal dish. The segment might easily cause morning viewers to eat lunch a little earlier that day!

On Location

David Lapham at Butcher

Ottomanelli’s Butcher Shoppe

Butchery is back, and nobody does it better than Ottomanelli & Sons. Together, David and Frank Ottomanelli butcher a prime suckling pig while discussing key parts of the process.

Murray’s Cheese Caves

Murray's Cheese Caves

With access to one of New York city’s best kept secrets, David tours the caves under Murray’s Cheese Shop. For cheese lovers, this clip is sure to delight (and spark a serious cheese craving)!

Lobster Place : Picking Out Fresh Fish

Lobster Place Fresh Fish

As every chef knows, fresh ingredients make all the difference. This is especially true for fish and seafood. Here, David shares his best fish-buying tips with viewers.

Lobster Place : Oyster Competition

Lobster Place

Ever wonder how your platter of oysters arrived so quickly? It’s because of highly skilled oyster shuckers. Watch David test his own shucking skills with a professional. Ready, Set, Go!

Quick Tips

Forget complicated cooking techniques and overwhelming lists of hard-to-find ingredients. Join David in the kitchen as he demonstrates some basic cooking tips guaranteed to give any home cook a dose of confidence.

Keep your Knife Sharp

Keep Your Knife Sharp

Chop an Onion

How to Chop an Onion

Cucumber Ribbons

Cucumber Ribbons


How to Make Mayonnaise

Tomato Concasse

Tomato Concasse