Actually, it’s hard getting him out of the kitchen!

This engaging talent has always loved being around food and people who cook. A native of Washington, DC, David Lapham grew up sampling some of the world’s most enticing cuisines. Having traveled extensively throughout the US, Mexico, Europe, Morocco, Japan and other countries, he’s developed a keen sense of how cooking brings people together, and how food and culture are so intertwined. His enthusiasm and ability to put others at ease has helped make David an emerging food personality with a wide range of sought-after skills.

A graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City and founder of City Forager — a successful private chef business — David has evolved into a brand all his own. He brings humor, irreverence and fun to any food-related topic.

From sharing his secrets of great grilled cheese to interviewing renowned winemakers to trekking the globe for exotic ingredients, Chef David Lapham makes the culinary world taste great. Need a food tour guide in Paris or a sushi seeker in Kyoto? David is fluent in French and (trying) to learn Japanese and Italian.